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Thursday, February 28, 2008

On Posting Diary Entries

You may have noticed the blog posts of late have been actually interesting to read. Or maybe not.

But my life is actually getting interesting. You may have read the last post. You may not have. Aside from women clamouring for my assistance, a lot of other weird stuff has happened too.

First of all, my brother finally admits that he doesn't like the "pub crawlers" as he calls them, trying to drag him off to the pub all the time. This can only mean one thing: he's growing up and realising that campus life gives as little privacy as living at home with me and my parents. He even went so far as saying he might miss me.

My garden is greener than it's ever been from the heavy rain. It actually looks like it's worth visiting and having a pot of tea among the shrubbery for a relax.

My homework is actually starting to sort itself out. Because I'm actually doing it by myself. Who knew? Sometimes the creative art of novel redrafting must take a backseat to study. And I have to say the studying's a lot easier with a soundproofed room in Study Hall where I can have a tutor for study assistance such as note organisation and study structure.

That is all for now.

- Jacob Martin
AKA Jake of All Trades

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