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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hello. This is TeenAuthor, a high school student who, if my memory serves me correctly, is also a young author. An unpublished author mind you, but still an author. I have written the complete drafts of two books (part of a fantasy trilogy set in the modern era), but it seems nobody likes a bragger, or blogger braggers for that matter, so I tend not to talk to people about developments in my literary career unless they want to listen.

I decided to create a Blog because I saw Neil Gaiman had one, and look where he is now, he's a bestselling author. So it couldn't hurt to start one myself. I could use the boost to awareness of my work, but I'd also like to use this blog as a way of making people aware in various Pop Culture developments. I like "High Art" as well, however I do believe one should never be pretentious in the Art world, even though being pretentious is part of Art's appeal... hmm... let me rephrase that. It's OK to be pretentious in Art some of the time but not all of the time.

Allow me to introduce myself a second time, my real name is Jacob Martin, and I go to Saint Andrews Cathedral School in Sydney, Australia. If you or someone you know already knows me, alert them to this Blog.

That is all for this post, I will post again when I get some new post material.

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