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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Renegade Orchestra" Game Rules

Renegade Orchestra Game Rules
By Jacob Martin

Renegade Orchestra is a game for classical musicians, and works like this:

A “Renegade Orchestra”, is, by definition, is not restricted to a full, complete orchestra, it can be composed (pun intended) of a smaller group of musicians who play Classical instruments such as violins, cellos, woodwind instruments, harps etc., who plays Rock Music instead of the traditional Classical Music, however, they play Rock Music in the style of either the genre it comes from using Classical instruments, or rearranged as a piece of Classical Music. These Rock songs can be of any genre of Rock and can either be an original piece of Rock Music, or a cover version of a Rock Song played by classical instruments.

The piece(s) of music can either be instrumental works or with lyrics and vocals. The game rules permit recording the piece(s) of music, and/or performing them live in any venue (provided that the intellectual property of musicians is respected and that you have permission to perform in any particular venue).

Alternatively, Charity Renegade Orchestra works like this:

A Renegade (or, if permitting, a regular) Orchestra begins by selecting an album from any genre of Rock Music, and performing it for either a live concert or a recorded album. The same can be done for a miscellany of Rock songs. If a concert is performed or an album is recorded, the profits can either go to, for example, (in the case of a school orchestra) much needed funding for an educational cause, (in the case of a tribute concert or album for a particular person notable in Rock Music, say, Freddie Mercury or Kurt Cobain for example) the profits go to the cause of the prevention or cure of whatever killed the person or causes they supported in life. A miscellany of Rock Songs from any genre performed by a full or partial orchestra can be used for any charitable cause that is reasonable. These causes include preventing Global Warming, raising money to give funding to musical education, freeing a political prisoner, raising awareness of various things worth bringing to light, and of course, the fact that you can play more than just Mozart and Handel with an orchestra, use your imagination.

If a Renegade Orchestra is formed, it must pick a name to ensure it is not confused with other Renegade Orchestras, for example, if Sydney College of Music decided to form a Renegade Orchestra, it would choose a name like “The Sydney College of Music’s Renegade Orchestra”. If an orchestra decided to form a Renegade Orchestra that was a tribute to 80’s Hair Metal bands such as Whitesnake, it would be called something like “The “Letting our Hair Down” 80s Hair Metal Renegade Orchestra”.

These rules for the game of Renegade Orchestra are the intellectual property of Jacob Martin, but are in the Public Domain for the use of everybody who wishes to use them.

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