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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

News: July 18 2007

Even a luddite like John Howard should know that he could conceivably get involved in flame wars on the Internet and YouTube, he already got involved in an unnecessary real war in Iraq, don't feel too sorry for Howard though, he probably has L337 Soldiers trained in the battlefields of Counter-Strike Source to combat the "threat" of free speech.

Spoilers only belong on Rally Cars, not on the internet where unsuspecting people can unwillingly get the last Harry Potter book ruined for them! Forshame!

Here's the Labor Party's response to John Howard's YouTube debut.

As you can see, this has features that are distinctive as a Labor Party ad, the same narrator seems to have been used for the voice-over, and John Howard is depicted in a bad way. This does not mean I do not agree with the ad, personally I think it's clever, as this is the first Labor ad I've ever seen depicting Howard as sleeping, compared to the usual sendup of Howard's "Who Do You Trust" catch-cry shown with his nose growing longer.

I'm just explaining this for non-Aussie readers of this blog so that they can understand the context of this ad, so that they can get a good picture of what an Aussie political ad is like.

Sincerely, Jacob Martin, TeenAuthor.

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