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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Who woulda thunk it? School Testing Is Bad for Students

*Warning: Controversial Political Statement Ahead*

Damn right testing reduces learning. Us students, speaking as a teenager myself, are plagued with exam preparation that takes away time from the actual cirriculum. What we need is more emphasis on the things that need to be learned at school, half of school is about the tests now, and it needs to be stopped. The problem is also in the tests themselves, not just because of the stress levels and pressure associated with them, but the questions are often worded badly and try to trick you.

The 90's was a golden age for students, it was a time when you could read a book for English and be tested on the themes of the text and what you thought of it rather than the language forms and features that clutter the curriculum now. In Australia, Julie Bishop is only one head on the Hydra of the Department of Education, and we need a Hercules to kill it.

Sincerely, Jacob Martin, TeenAuthor.

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