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Monday, October 1, 2007

1000 Hits!

This is a momentous occassion for this blog, as 1000 hits, is... well... 1000 hits. Needless to say, throughout the ages, 1000 is a special number. It's a millennial number.

I don't know much about Mathematics, but in my books, the number 1000 holds a significance in the way it sounds... one thousand...

But it also means this blog is a step closer to becoming half as popular as the more popular blogs out there. Neil Gaiman's blog gets over a million people visiting a day, but that's because he's more famous than I am, and he's been blogging for longer. Chris Sims's blog is also a long running blog, he's not nearly as famous as Neil is, but he deserves to be.

Maybe I just need to put some more content up that people will read, and I'll get more famous for that. Hopefully.

- Jacob Martin, Former Teen, Still Author.

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