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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Busy with my HSC

It's exam time, and although I completed my first half of the English Advanced exams, Paper Two looms over Monday. But I don't feel stressed.

Basically a late realisation of why we are studying these texts and what they really mean has come in handy, and I don't fear my impending exams, my Visual Arts exam has no flies on it, as we Aussies used to say.

At this time of year, a good study plan, as "Angstoberfest", the period where the HSC student gets really stressed and hates all life in the Board of Studies, comes to an end, is vital. Don't rush your study, you remember more when you have a clear, rested mind. Jot your practice papers on notebook paper, and your thoughts will sort themselves, say what you are writing so you become one with the knowledge within!

As you may have noticed, my posting on this blog has been erratic due to study and various creative projects. Remember, the Internet is your friend, except during study lockdown. IGNORE your friends on MSN Messenger or any other IM, and only talk to them during study breaks. Even blogs must be neglected in the name of the HSC.

Creative types really get hit hard by the HSC because their creative projects get put on hold in order to study. If you write books, poems and stories, do not neglect the Arts entirely, write notes and organise them. Take a notebook wherever you go to jot down inspirations for later, and download KeyNote to organise them on your computer. (Google it now)

The Board Of Studies, although heading the English Advanced course down a slippery slope, want to help you. Ignore everything I said before about the Board of Studies, particularly when I said they're scum. But everything about Julie Bishop and the Education System is wholeheartedly My Humble Opinion, take it or leave it.

Anyway, I have to get back to study. My Mum is still nagging me, and I must go.


Jacob Martin.

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