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Friday, June 8, 2007

Has "The Chaser" Gone Too Far?

"The Chaser's War on Everything" is a program many Australians such as myself enjoy each week, however some are saying it has gone "too far". A current affairs program such as "A Current Affair" labeled it as such, citing the Sophia Loren "Ten Questions" segment as an example, following with the "Pool Party" segment taken from the same episode to "prove their point".

Personally I think that Sophia Loren would be smart enough to rebutt the Chaser's questions with cutting witty remarks, being the stylish film icon she is, and that The Chaser team are being targeted by the Current Affairs programs in order to convince people not to watch them, mainly because The Chaser's effect on Australia has been to cynically look at Current Affairs programs. These producers of Current Affairs programs could concievably be running scared, and may be resorting to tactics of convincing people to take the show off the air.

See The Chaser on this link and decide for yourself. Yes, in some stunts they may have gone too far, but the majority of their body of work is historically, intellectually, and culturally significant to Australian Television.

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This is the link for the homepage of "War on Everything":

And this is The Chaser's satirical news link:


Jacob Martin, TeenAuthor.

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