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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Why I Like Superman as a Character: Revealed!

Ever since I began collecting comics, I have been interested in the character of Superman. Some think the character has lost his way in the way his ethics are hard to reconcile with modern values. That could be true, however Superman didn't appeal to me because he stood up for the American Way. It was more to do with the fact that he was an alien who had to make do with existence in a society of humans.

Why does this appeal to me you ask? Well, I have Asperger Syndrome you see. This does not make me "retarded", as you might think. I have the High Functioning spectrum of it. Now the thing with Asperger's is that those who have it often feel like they belong on a different planet. I have often contemplated if I am in fact not Human at all, and considering Humanity is bringing the world down the sinkhole, this is an attractive concept. But I cannot just sit around and let Humanity destroy itself. Oh no-siree. I decided to do something with my abilities, my writing abilities that is, to help people see things in society that were just plain wrong. Like Superman, I didn't believe in just letting the world burn and playing the fiddle like Nero while it was happening.

Superman, rather than becoming a maladjusted alien entity from beyond the stars, decides to use his powers to make a difference. However, he hides his Alien identity to become accepted by society. Often I have to hide the fact I have Asperger's to avoid being targeted by bullies who think I may be "retarded". Round about this point, you should be able to see why Superman appeals to me as a character.

Many of the most developed characters in my books are outcasts or non-Humans who have to show the majority in society the errors of their ways to save the world from being consumed in hatred. This is because I do not necessarily identify with mainstream Humanity. But that doesn't mean I hate Humans. I wish to help them. I don't have the ability to fly or use heat vision, but I use what I was given to make the best of this existence.

And Superman is a symbol for an outsider in society who uses his abilities he was given to better contribute to society. There is a reason why God did not give everybody heat vision and Super-powers. Because not everybody would use these powers for good purposes. It has been said that Superman is "the ultimate immigrant". This is also true. Superman had to earn the trust of society by doing good and working hard, like any migrant to a prosperous country.

In closing, although there may not seem many reasons for people to like Superman's character, if you look hard enough, there really are.

Sincerely, Jacob Martin, TeenAuthor.

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