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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Movie Review: Last Tango In Paris

Ewww. Just... EEEEWWW!

This movie, while funny for all the wrong reasons and unintentionally hilarious, has Marlon Brando as a seedy old man who keeps getting busy with a Parisian woman in France. Need I say more?

To do this movie justice, I'll have to.

This cinematic landmark of steaminess is not for the "squeamish", as many scenes will make such people will squirm uncomfortably during such scenes. To give you a little hint about how steamy this is, you'll never look at Butter the same way again.

The plot is somewhat good if you go past the gratuitous sex, but the said gratuitous sex will put people off if they are conservative.

I give this Five "Brando's" out of Ten.

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