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Friday, June 22, 2007

TV Show Review: Metalocalypse

This isn't for everybody, but Metalocalypse will please Metal music fans with its satire of Metal. It is about the fictional Metal band Dethklok, who are so successful that they outrank Belgium in the economy.

Dethklok's antics include making a death metal 30 second coffee jingle for an instant coffee commercial (which is "not selling out" but an attempt to make "everything Metal"), and recording an album in the deepest darkest, most brutal part of the ocean to create a Metal album for fish, an "untapped market" for their fanbase.

This isn't exactly a cartoon for kids, as with other Adult Swim cartoons like this one designed for a grown up audience, but I feel that Metalocalypse would not work as a children's animation and still be funny. Metal music and the culture around it has adult concepts that only grown ups would be able to understand, and this is why the Adult Swim format for the show works so well, as it gives the show's concepts more freedom to send up the darker aspects of Metal.

Often one struggles to find this show funny until a while after you've viewed it and gotten used to it, at which point you find it hilarious, despite some of the morbid aspects of the jokes (the "Dethkomedy" episode is an example of this, where Dethklok attempts to tackle comedy with their "brutal" sense of humor).

Again, this isn't for everybody, but mainly, Metal fans will get the most out of it.

I give this Eight "Rock Clowns" out of a Possible Ten.

Sincerely, Jacob Martin, TeenAuthor.

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