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Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Scourge of Assignments

I hate having to compromise on my work, even if it's for school.

This is why I got so upset over having to change my short story submission for Extension 1 English. What started as a perfectly good story about cartoon people (continuing the ideas in my Toonworld short story arc, as you can see in The Rogue Re-Animator, which is on this blog in the Best Of column) got sent into limbo and insecurity by the dark powers of Postmodernism and the Board of Studies. I honestly would prefer Cthulhu (from H.P. Lovecraft's stories) as the head of the Board of Studies than Julie Bishop, which ironically would cause less madness than Bishop's Draconian education curriculum.

As a result of the powers that be, my plan of the task has been attacked at its credibility as a text, and I feel that I am being forced by the school system to whore myself out to the pimp that is Postmodernism. And Postmodernism is a mean pimp.

Sincerely, Jacob Martin, TeenAuthor.

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