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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Book Review: Train Man

Train Man by Nakano Hitori is a book of collected posts from a real internet chat network concerning the process of a young Japanese otaku (geek) into a courageous date worthy machine, beginning with his saving of a girl from a drunk on a train, and continuing in his posts about his experiences trying to ask the girl he saved out. He is helped by the chat network, and the otakus online become inspired by his metamorphosis into a man who is able to express his feelings and go out with a girl without feeling anxious or ashamed.

This is a story all geeks, nerds and the like can appreciate, as well as non-geeks/nerds who can learn just how much quality there is in such individuals if they are given a chance. Finally there is a book where a geek ends up with the girl.

I give this book Five "Benwaas" out of Five.

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