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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jacob's Poems: Tribute to Alan Moore's Beard

This poem reflects on Alan Moore's beard, but moreso, the man behind it, a comics writer who is influential on the industry in ways you can't imagine. It is meant to immortalize both Alan Moore and his beard, as one cannot live without the other in the public imagination. There are several references to comics and graphic novels Alan Moore has written, so familiarity with his work will give better appreciation of this rhyming verse, here it is:

Tribute to Alan Moore’s Beard
A Poem by Jacob Martin

Gaze unto Alan Moore’s beard, and the beard gazes also
The sheer wild nature of it intrigues one more-so
One would normally think it weird
To witness, in follicular glory, such a beard
But behind the beard there is a man
Try to understand this if you can
He writes in the form of the Graphic Novel
His house and home are not hovels
He asks us, “Who Watches The Watchmen?”
You can begin to comprehend then
The tale of the Swamp Thing or the Vendetta of V
He’s a British national treasure, can’t you see?

He tells of Extraordinary Gentlemen
You simply cannot resist harking back when
You find out “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?”
Parting with Superman is such sweet sorrow
He knows the punch-line of The Killing Joke
And will not shy from a poke
At the character of the Man Who Has Everything
Or the forever shifting
Nature of Mogo, who does not socialize
And with this you begin to surmise
That Alan is Moore than a beard
And that his satire makes society geared
To change rigid class systems for the better
But it won’t make English rainstorms any less wetter…

Which brings me back to the beard
Which some people think looks weird
But first impressions often turn out bad
Take a second look and you’ll be glad
That you can see the man behind the beard
Although he is still a bit weird.

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