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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Working on my Art Project: Part Three

The fact of the matter is that my Art progress has ground down to a halt due to various assignments I have to do for school subjects that are not Art related. I have an English speaking task on Gwen Harwood's poetry (it shouldn't take so many pretty words to point out the issues in the human condition) and a Society and Culture assignment where I have to compile the data I got from surveys I gave people.

However, I am, in my head, trying to come up with some new ideas for what illustrations I'm going to do. I think the character Carrie the Little Girl Changeling in my first book deserves a graphic novel illustration page that shows that she's the smartest little tyke in the land of my creation, as well as a coloured sequence of Malkalith at the student party (Malkalith is a lead character in my books, even though he only got a supporting role in my second book, he will get a chance to shine in the third one.

Meanwhile, I found the time to continue working on my "graphic prose novel" I was working on before, but not much time was found.


Jacob Martin, TeenAuthor.

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