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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Documentary Review: Root of All Evil Pt. 1

Richard Dawkins, although he has every right to be an atheist, has produced one of the most, if not the most, offensive documentary I have ever seen. In Root of All Evil, he claims that religion is the fundamental evils in society today. He attempts to "prove" his argument by interviewing religious fundimentalists, instead of more tolerant religious peoples, then he claims at one point that churches are like Nazi rallies that get people addicted to the power of one person.

He also uses unflattering footage of some religious people, as well as labelling religion as a belief that is the enemy of science, all while throwing in an obscure philosophical theory about a teapot orbiting the sun.

The documentary was like a car crash, you couldn't bear to look but you couldn't drag your eyes away from the screen, as one is compelled by the intolerance of Dawkins.

I give this Two "God-botherers" out of Five.

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