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Sunday, May 13, 2007

"Clueless" Review

This movie is a historically significant relic of the early 1990s, it chronicles the fashions, the culture and the emerging high school stereotypes of our age in the tale of a socialite girl who wants to set the new girl up with a popular boy, but also, in order to get better grades, she must make her teacher happy by finding a woman for him.

Also in this movie are various actors you swear you've seen before but you don't know their names or you know their names but did not know they were in this movie:

The bloke who plays "Turk" on the TV show Scrubs

The guy who was Andre The Giant's employer in The Princess Bride

The movie was enjoyable, however I was unable to see any plot in it. But the lack of real meaningful plot expresses the lack of meaningfulness in social circles within young people's subcultures.

I give it "Four Whatevers out of Five"

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