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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Working on my Art Project: Part Two

I've started taking a different approach. Instead of drawing the entire page of an illustration as one layer with traditional mediums such as watercolour and pencil, I've drawn different layers of traditional medium illustrations seperately to combine them in Photoshop with a scanner.

This can be done with a scanner and traditional mediums, and is a great way to use digital mediums if you want to keep your constructed images traditional via mixed medium. You simply start by drawing the background for your illustration on one piece of paper, starting with the sky is good for outdoor backgrounds, whereas indoor backgrounds can be drawn and coloured with the appropriate walls and bricks. Then you get your foreground images scanned and Photoshopped so you can insert them onto the background. This way instead of drawing a building or a tree in a completely different and inconsistent manner, you can manipulate its size for use in multiple images.

Have fun,

Jacob Martin, TeenAuthor.

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